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Here is a selection of my published work. It is all excellent.

This Magazine

The Cutter. An investigative feature about underground surgery, issues of body image, medical ethics and the limits of consent in Canada.


Making Jokes At My Mother’s Funeral: A Defense of Gallows Humor. It has been suggested that I have not always taken the best approach to the grieving process. I disagree.

(Some of) Our All-Time Favorite Simpsons Episodes. I wrote about the Beer Baron episode as part of Splitsider’s excellent Classic Simpsons Week.

Stymie Magazine

An Uplifting Story About Death and Mixed Martial Arts. Forgive the Eggersian title—this is a profile of Andre Gear, a young fighter whose sister committed suicide, and the ways in which the grieving process and fight theory intersect and inform each other.


The 10 Most Memorable Bachelor Parties on Film. It is exactly what it sounds like, but funnier, hopefully!

Ryerson Review of Journalism

Donnybrook. I look at the state of journalism in Canada’s televised hockey broadcasts (spoiler alert: there are problems!), focusing on the divergent paths of CBC’s inertiatic Hockey Night in Canada and the impressive NHL on TSN.

The Selling of Sarah. A piece about how to make an ethical transition from journalism to politics, inspired by Sarah Thomson, the 2010 Toronto mayoral candidate who promoted her campaign by putting herself on the cover of Women’s Post, the magazine she publishes.

What Gets Heard?

Tonight, The Skies Will Open For You. In which I write about Sun Kil Moon’s Ghosts of the Great Highway, a sad and beautiful album.

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  11. Katie O said, on August 31, 2021 at 5:39 AM

    You really made alot of assumptions about Andy’s character in your article ‘The Cutter’. You talked about ‘his ego’ like you knew him personally and he was a monster. You go between villianizing him and quoting others who said he did a good job. Over what? A mistake? This man killed himself and if you think articles like this had nothing to do with it you are wrong. You’d rather fear monger than accurately report two sides of a story. Disgusting.

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